We named this cemetery "Smith-Worley Cemetery" for lack of a better known name. Old maps refer to it as both "Smith" and "Worley". The cemetery is located in the Hwy 58-Bal Harbor area. From Hwy 58, take Webb Rd (Central Park & Turner Funeral Home at the intersection). Proceed .9 miles bearing right at the intersection with Kings Rd. You will turn left on the 2nd Harbor Hills Rd. Travel only .2 miles and turn right onto Bal Harbor Dr. Bal Harbor Dr makes a 90 degree turn to the left .1 miles. Then Bal Harbor splits into 2 one-way roads. You'll have to proceed until it comes together and turn around. This small cemetery is located in the wooded section between the residences #4924 & 4928. The Bal Harbor community association took interest in this very old graveyard as a result of my survey. The cemetery is scattered throughout the woods. No doubt there are markers hidden under years of leaves & underbrush. Survey completed August 2008 by Jim Holcomb (

The following data contains notes from the genealogical files of Jim Holcomb.

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Adams, Ellen 12/27/1853 08/13/1906 * * see under Ellen Adams Stephens
Champion, Gordon * * * * "Son of James Lebron & Oma E Worley Champion"; marker broken, no dates
Champion, John B 03/24/1856 11/02/1856 * * *
Champion, Oma E Worley 03/26/1874 11/17/1901 * * "Wife of James Lebron Champion"
Stephens, Ellen Adams 12/27/1853 08/13/1906 * * "Wife of W S Stephens"
Worley, Bertha 04/02/1882 04/07/1908 * * husb-John H Worley next
Worley, Jack R 07/27/1852 12/09/1901 * * *
Worley, John H 02/09/1879 10/27/1907 * * wife-Bertha Worley next
Worley, Maud 04/07/1908 06/10/1908 * * *
Worley, Oma E 03/26/1874 11/17/1901 * * see under Oma E Worley Champion
Worley, William T 08/12/1904 08/15/1904 * * *


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